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Our Story

The Printsoko story began not too long ago in 2018, our founder and CEO was hard at work in the downtown turmoil Nairobi puts us all through each day of the week. Meanwhile he had hired a group of technologically advanced specialists. Looking for that gamechanger our founder has always lived 10 years ahead, he knew focusing on the customers experience meant it all. When the company was founded, he focused on setting up the production lines and focused heavily on the quality and variety of products that Printsoko offers.

2 years in the making after fully establishing our quality standards and production chains, it was time to move on to the next step. Come mid 2020, he brought himself back to one of the most important keys, “the customer experience”; hence the “Design Lab” dream came into play. Starting off as a design online website aim, his goal was to make it fun, easy, and reliable to design and customise products online. The birth of the “Design Lab” was in 2021 may, after spending long hours contemplating and going back to the drawing board, the design lab has been designed to be flexible, witty, convenient, interesting, and well founded. This was the basis of Printsoko.com.

Even without the website, we could tell how business was expanding, by the way we kept outgrowing our capacity year after year, as it turned out we had grown up to 4 folds from 2018-2020. Today Printsoko has evolved into a committed, effective organisation, now turning our attention to ensure the customers experience is of utmost importance, leading us to Printsoko.com. not only do we offer hundreds of products from T-shirts all the way to Jewellery, customers can now submit special requests for products that may not be shown on the website, but products of their own that they want to add a personal touch to.