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A3 Transfer Print

(29.7 x 42 cm)

A4 Transfer Print

(21 x 29.7 cm)
Now you can do it yourself at home only with Dry iron.

How to apply:

-Trim your artwork to size
-Place it onto your garment
-How to apply-
1. Pre-heat iron to MEDIUM or SILK
2. Put t-shirts/materials on a flat surface
3. Place the stickers onto the desired place
4. Iron and press for 10-20 seconds
5. Wait until cold and then peel off the film
6. Place soft cloth/handkerchief or baking paper on top of the sticker and iron for 5 seconds.

Where to use(applicable on)

Our Printsoko transfer prints are compatible with cotton, polyester, leather, softshell, performance fabrics, pique blends, canvas, denim and much more, it is a must for all garment decorators to consider.

The Procedure.

Cutting to size.
Peeling the film (Gently)
Ironing (you put a cloth on top then iron on it)